High School Vs. Elementary School Essay

1195 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
As a child, growing up, I had an older sister, whom was six years older than me, so I always had the desire and impatience to become an adult. She was going out with friends and having a tremendous time, which made high school seem more sensational than elementary school. While she was doing whatever she desired, I had a curfew, had set things to do, and never got to make my own schedule. However, as I got older, I began to realize that growing up was a lot of work. Junior High had a lot more homework than elementary school, after middle school came high school, which was an immense amount of adjustment. In high school, at seventeen years old, I am always wishing that I was a kid again. A kid with no worries, no homework, and no job. Being a child is much simpler and less stressful, and while kids do have responsibilities, they are not nearly as strenuous as those of an adult. While in elementary school, I looked at life with a more positive and simple attitude. As I began to grow up, I realized how much work it is; therefore, my perspective on life was a lot more arduous and perplexed. While children and adults may both have complications and enjoyment in their lifetime, their perspective on life changes as they get older. Our aspiration to get older lessens, and our yearning to become a child escalates. When one is a child or an adult, they are always learning something new and increasing his/her knowledge. Whether it is learning our timetables for the first time or…

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