Essay on High School Vs. College

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High School vs College
It is widely believed that the key to a successful life begins with a great education. In order to achieve this, one must not only graduate from high school, but must also graduate from college. The transition between these two learning institutions may be exciting for most, but can be proven to be a very difficult one. As a recent high school graduate, I can see three distinct differences between being in high school and college; attendance, the social atmosphere, and the level of responsibility involved.
Attendance policies in high school are much stricter in high school than in college. In the United States, children have to attend school until they reach a certain age. For instance, in the state of Florida, children under the age of 16, by law are required to attend school. If a student does not show up to school consecutively, it could lead to truancy officers showing up to their front steps asking questions pertaining to their absences from school. In some cases, the parents of the student are held responsible and could even be prosecuted. College on the other hand is not compulsory. In order to attend this form of post-secondary learning institution, one must first apply to it and then get accepted. Furthermore, college has to be paid for and is quite expensive. Unlike high school, which in most cases was free, the average cost of tuition for a full time student at a community college can range from a thousand…

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