Is College The Same As High School Essay

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Is College the Same as High School?
When I thought about college; I thought of it as another 4 years or more of high school. I convinced myself that what had worked for me in high school could work for me in college. I even considered that the likeness of high school to college could essentially ruin my life. Being afraid to go crossed my fearful mind several times. People constantly told me that high school contains many wonderful memory making moments, and that the impact that high school would give to my future, would be amazing. Although, I only bring myself back to all the bad experiences I had. If I conducted a study, about ½ of the audience would say that they thought high school and college are more complementary and the other ½ would say there are more incomparable. In regards to what I have said, high school and college may seem very similar, but in fact, they are surprisingly different in ways including: studying, seriousness toward success, and technologies.
The amount of studying is the first difference from high school to college. I went to Pine Island High School, which is a very small school, there are only about 400 people in the whole high school. In Pine Island we worked day by day, not week by week. I am the type of person that likes
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Given these points, there are many things that are different from high school to college, some of these include: study time, seriousness toward success, and technology use. It has to come to my surprise that high school and college are very different. I would say that the thought of college is no longer a scary thing to me and it shouldn’t be to anyone else, for college is where you won 't get judged for wanting to study, or be successful. I never believed that a place in the real world existed where people had a different mindset than my high school classmates, but it turns out that college is that

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