High School Students : What Should Take Place? Essay

960 Words Nov 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Unfortunately, it has been an increase in the stress levels of many high school students. From the pressure of final exams up to playful extracurricular activities, plays a huge role in making this so. However, the question still remains, what can be done to assist in preventing stress to develop so consecutively in high school students? What should take place? The problems of high school stress in its students are very inclusive. Problems mostly spoken of are the ones that consist of having so many things to do and going on at one time. Between studying for a midterm and having to decide on what he or she may want to do for the rest of their life can most definitely act as a stressor for anyone. However, without a doubt high school is the most stressful stage of any adolescent life. Simply because it is the first stage leading to young adulthood. High school is where you first begin to learn true responsibility and how to effectively deal with and manage time accordingly. High school can take you through many obstacles resulting in stress along the way. For instance, even athletics can act as a stressor towards some high school students, such as basketball and football. Each sport has many different responsibilities and plays to remember resulting in aggravation, which eventually leads to a form of stress. According to Neighmond article “School Stress Takes a Toll On Health, Teens and Parents Say”, “being stressed by a specific stressor to long at a time can cause…

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