High School Experience Of Jarred Wulf Essay

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The Northview High School Experience of Jarred Wulf
I remember the day I was a freshmen sitting in a lockeroom full of seniors at a NV hockey summer camp at Kent State, the words “ Take this all in with you kid, high school flies by so fast”. That stuck with me all four years of high school. It 's crazy to think that a high school experience or high school hockey experience could change how you look at your life and future so much in such little time. The words, “ where am I going next?” or “what I am going to do?” have stuck with me since junior year. I believe high school is the perfect demonstration of how life is in four years.
First I would like to start out about how hockey has influenced me and prepared me for my next steps through maturity. I remember when I was 14 years old and a freshmen on that ice playing varsity games with 18 year olds coming at me. Now on a scientific standpoint, a lot of puberty and maturity happens in between those four years so I was very intimidated. I grew up very quick because of that and a lot more mature and you could tell that because how I acted compared to my freshmen friends that year. That year changed me big time.
Next came my sophomore year with hockey, The 2014 State Champions Team which taught me teamwork and brotherhood. That year was completely indescribable because it was such a roller coaster seasons with very highs and very lows. We were the laughing stock of the league, and we were starting to fight with one another but…

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