High End Supermarket Case Study

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High-End Supermarket
The High-End Supermarkets offer a premium selection of products from around the world, provide upmarket specialist products and luxury imported groceries which priced at higher rate. Following the annual report of Marks and Spencer, “Quality, innovation and convenience are the hallmarks of our Food business.” For example, City’Super provides imported Iberico Pork, Japanese fruit and French oysters which are priced at higher than the goods provided by large-scale supermarket. Large-scale Supermarket
Large-scale supermarkets offer one-stop shopping convenience to customers with wide product choices and lower price. It has highly geographical coverage in Hong Kong. For example, ParknShop has 284 stores
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For example, Products purchased at Marks and Spencer can be gift wrapped for free with their branded wrapping paper and gift cards.
Also, it provides leisure activities and exhibition to customers. City’Super would offer customers food cooking class, like White Truffle cooking class, to teach customer how to cook the luxury food. The high-ended Supermarket wants to stimulate the need of customer to the luxury food offered by them through those activities. Large-scale Supermarket
The large-scale Supermarket not only has physical shops, but also has online shop for customer to purchase goods. The online shop of ParknShop offers all kind of product which you can find in physical and deliver in two days after your order.
Also, they provide automatic cashier service for customer. Customers always need to line up for a long time at cashier. Thus, they provide the automatic cashier service for payment with Octopus Card or credit card to reduce time cost of customer for waiting for a long time.
Lastly, they always keeps the "lower prices" on advertising campaign and provide different discount attract customer. These strategies show they want to build the reputation of offering the goods in competitive pricing to
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For example, Marks and Spencer offer free wine delivery for wine purchases over HK$1,000 net. For wine purchase under HK$1,000 net, a delivery charge of HK$100 shall apply.

Large Scale Supermarket
Some large scale supermarket in Hong Kong, such as Wellcome and ParknShop, provide delivery service for purchase over certain amount of money without any restriction on product criteria. Otherwise, delivery charge will be applied. For example, ParknShop offers free delivery for purchases over HK$500. For orders under HK$500, a delivery charge of HK$30 shall apply. Overall, most of the large scale supermarket mainly set up numerous of stores in order to provide a spot trading venue to each citizen of Hong Kong. There are over 300 ParknShop and over 250 Wellcome all around Hong Kong and altogether hold over 70% of market share in the industry of Supermarket in 2012. This industry mainly use this activity to replace their outbound logistic as it is more cost efficient and convenient to

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