Hell Raisers Vs. Ass Kickers Essay

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Hell-Raisers vs. Ass-Kickers It seems that there has been much discussion lately as to whether or not Generation Z, otherwise known as the Millennials, are “better” or “worse” than their predecessors, Generation X. This is quite an interesting topic. It is one that deserves more and more attention as the younger generation enters adulthood and the work force. There are questions that come to mind that need to be addressed. First, what are these generational differences? Second, are these differences for the better or for the worse? Let us begin to attempt to answer these questions. There are currently 41 million people that make up the current population (born between the years 1965 – 1980) who have been deemed Generation X, also known as the Baby Busters. Their nickname is quite telling. This is the generation that followed the Baby Boomers. Unlike the Baby Boomer generation, however, the Baby Busters did not grow up in a flourishing economy with an optimistic outlook on life. Generation Xers have been dubbed the first “latch key” kids, were children of daycare and divorce, and were born into an economic recession where they witnessed their dual income families get laid off of work. Xers also lived during the Cold War, the Iran-Contra affair and the emergence of the AIDS epidemic. In short, times were tough and this generation became fiercely independent. Cynicism and distrust, regarding the government and their elders, brought about adaptive, (often) angry…

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