Essay Helen And Juli An Elastic Cloth For Warm Up

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We talked to the teacher and said that we hoped we could pick up the group from their classroom after we had set up the room after discussion with Ann.

The group shared their break and seemed in harmony. The group dynamic changed after Andie went in and asked for his music, in which Helen and Julia’s energy went down. I introduced an elastic cloth for warm-up by telling them that it is utilized to help them engage with each other without harming. Calvin did not join in as Helen and Julia did at first, but he came in for a short duration and left. Helen seemed to be happy with the personal boundaries that the cloth had given her. When they played with the cloth, Julia seemed be less aggressive directly towards Helen, but it was still needed to keep reminding her to pull or tap the cloth if she needed to.

The cloth is flexible for waving emotions and aggressive pulling movements.( Meekums, 2002) With the cloth, I hope it could channel their aggressive impulses directly towards each other. It helped Julia to control her aggression and also kept a distance from Helen and Julia. It seemed more comfortable for Helen and easier for Calvin to intervene between them. We also introduced musical statue to the group. The ‘stop and go’ trials helped them, especially Julia, to cope with defining a ‘stop’. We cannot work if they fight. Helping them internalize generous controls with their body (Meekums, 2002) assists them to decrease the continuous slapping behaviours. It was…

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