Heineken Case Analysis

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Executive Summary

The first section of this critique includes the definition of sponsorship and a description of the main characteristics and reasons of its effectiveness.
Moreover, we can find the reference to the alcohol industry as one of the areas where sponsorship is used as a key form of promotion.

The second and the third section contain a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of employing sponsorship, including some useful examples linked to the alcohol industry.

Then, the critique gives some examples of where and how sponsorship allows to access to new markets that might otherwise be difficult to reach.
Finally, the critique goes through the Heineken case and gives a lot of examples of how this company uses this tool.
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Through this campaign, the company distributed ½ billion limited edition bottles across the globe, and, indeed, it allowed Heineken to reach 85 markets. (Theheinekencompany.com, 2015)

6. Heineken case

Sponsorship, as I said before, is used as a key form of promotion by Heineken.
This company, usually, links it to advertising to have a huge impact on the target groups.
For instance, Heineken was the official global partner in 2016 of Formula 1 and created two campaigns: “When You Drive, Never Drink” and “More than a Race” which have been visible throughout 2017 across multiple markets on Tv and digital platforms.
Furthermore, Heineken has a long and strong relationship with Rugby World Cup, that has a huge impact in terms of allowing the company to achieve its global business growth objectives.
Rugby World Cup, as a matter of fact, allows Heineken to create engaging experiences for fans at the tournament and at-home in all the 20 participating countries.
Another tool, used by Heineken, that is linked with sponsorship is product placement: placing a branded product in a scene or mentioning it in a script.
In 2013, for instance, James Bond film Skyfall featured product placements from Heineken and other brands. (Theheinekencompany.com, 2017)


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