Essay on Healthy Habits And Bad Habits

1143 Words Jun 13th, 2016 null Page
In a real world, when we wake up, we do the same type of things every day. Some people eat the same type of food, wear the same type of outfits, have the same hairstyles; many people repeat the same type of thinking pattern, and often the same types of small decisions we make in our lives. We have been doing these things for so long that we don’t even realize that they are the sum of our habits, and that’s what leads us to what we are today. Habits are what build our life and character. Habits are different from person to person. Some people have good habits; some have bad ones. The problem with our brain is it is not smart enough to differentiate between good habits and bad habits. However, the good news is by understanding how habit works, and by being aware of what causes us to do the same thing over and over; we can replace that habit with a new one. Habits are time intervals in which things are done automatically and unconsciously. We repeat these habits because they are imprinted in our neural pathways. To understand how habits, work there is a concept that tells us that every habit starts by triggering some sort of signal to our brain. This puts the brain in an automatic mode to finish that task. For instance, one who drives to work on the same street for past two years. When one is about to reach particular traffic light on the street one automatically turns on the left/right indicator and moves into that lane to make that turn. Does one think before turning on…

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