Theme Of Routine In Araby

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How often do you find yourself breaking out of your daily habits, having lunch with that new person at work, or asking that girl or guy you’ve been eyeing out on a date? Humans are hard-wired to stick to their routines, and as a result we sit around and wait for someone else to take a chance and break out of their routine. Sean Covey, a respected author, once said, “We become what we repeatedly do.” Routines can become a prison, trapping us into mundane daily tasks and isolating us from new experiences. Synonyms for routine include predictable, monotonous, tedious, repetitive, and many more. The meaning of the word routine lends itself to the topic of passivity and failure to act. Maintaining an idleness in daily life is precisely why it is …show more content…
He keeps up his routine, all the while dreaming of a girl that only speaks to him once- something that is easily related to. In Friend of My Youth by Alice Munro, the character of Flora is introduced. Flora is a woman who has had her life turned upside down because of the infidelity of her fiancé, yet she continues with her regular routine in order to keep up her family’s outward appearance. Both of these characters go through the journey of their stories, all while dealing with the entrapment of habits that any person might experience. In the short stories Araby and Friend of My Youth, the characters demonstrate a likeness to the reader in that they also get confined to their daily routines. The inaction on the part of the characters furthers the prison of routine that they become trapped in. In both stories, inaction is significant to the development of the theme of the prison of routine. This theme is established through the habits of the protagonists, furthered by supporting characters, and then the theme is used to create and improve the writer-reader-character

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