Healthcare Policy And Improve Patient Care Essay

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Healthcare is changing and with these changes come challenges regarding the best way to allocate funding to provide high quality healthcare and improve patient outcomes, while containing costs. Therefore, it 's imperative that we as nurses speak up and work together to advocate for ourselves and our patients in an effort to change healthcare policy and improve patient care. An advocate is defined "as one that pleads, defends, or supports a cause or interest of another and advocacy is the process of building support for an issue or cause and influencing others to take action" (Tomajan, 2012). Finally, skills needed to effectively advocate include the ability to problem solve, communicate, influence and collaborate (Tomajan, 2012).
Below is a case study, which describes the care, provided to a patient and his family. In addition, it addresses how a nurse should have advocated for the patient and his family in order to provide culturally competent, evidence based nursing care.
The Orlov family recently moved from Russia to Westfield, Massachusetts. Their family consists of a mother, father and two children, ages 15 and 18. In addition, Mrs. Orlov brought her parents, the Ivanov 's with her to the United States and they will be staying with her. Her parents are elderly, Russian speaking only and each of them have several medical problems. Mr. Ivanov fell ill several months ago, was being worked-up in Russia with no definitive diagnosis and moved to the United States…

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