HIPAA And Nursing Practice

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1. What heath care policy did you choose? Why did you choose this one? Define the policy and describe the history behind it.
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a health care policy that I choose. I chose this policy because at my place of employment in an assisted living facility, I am required to follow this policy and as my career as a nurse progresses I will always abide by HIPAA. HIPAA is a piece of federal legislation that was signed into law in 1996. The major two provisions of the law created a structure for maintaining health insurance coverage when changing jobs and established national standards for privacy and security of electronic health information. Title II of HIPAA establishes national standards for the privacy and security of electronic health information. I am going to be focusing on the provision II of HIPAA throughout this journal. During the 1990s, the use of computers increased and started to become more popular and diffuse, and patient health records more often were being stored electronically. This
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Due to protected health information being access electronically, it has led to overcautiously releasing protected information because we do not fully know if the person on the other end is who they say they are.
6. How does this policy affect your nursing practice?
I will see HIPAA every day in my nursing practice. I will always have to protect patient information by keeping their records to myself as I care for them, by locking my computer so no one else can look at it, and by being knowledgeable about who can and cannot know information about the patient. HIPAA is an extremely important policy to follow in my nursing practice and can have severe consequences if I do not follow it; such as lose my nursing license.
7. As a nurse, how can you be involved in health care policy (the development of, implementation of, or disagreement

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