Health Service Essay

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Week 6

Discuss the differences between HIPAA and the Privacy Act of 1974. The Privacy Act protected identifiable medical records by determining the “legal authority for collecting and storing the records, individuals about whom records will be collected, what kinds of information will be collected, and how the records will be used.” It did not apply to or anticipate electronic records, and it only bound federal agencies. HIPAA applied to all electronic records and provided greater specificity regarding data collection and storage.

Week 7
Name each of the six components of a computer system and indicate the function of each.
Central Processing Unit (CPU)- is where the actual computing takes place which includes three major
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Input devices to facilitate the process of entering data into the computer in a variety of formats, including keyboard entry, scanning, and voice input 5. Output devices, which produce work in a usable format accessible to the user, such as in printed form, digitally for future processing, or in audio or spoken form 6. Software, which is a detailed set of instructions that describe, step by step, the tasks that must be performed to achieve a desired objective

Explain the difference between interfaced and integrated systems, and state one advantage of each.

Integrated system is a system or network that can share common data files and can communicate with one another. The advantage of this system includes compatibility among the modules and the need to have only a single source for system support and maintenance (pg 144).

Interfaced system acts as a bridge between the two modules and which translates the data format into one that the receiving module can handle. The advantage of interfaced systems allows users to choose the leading system for a given module that can result in lower costs by leveraging one vendor against another, obviating the need to replace all existing modules when updates are considered. (pg.144)

Both systems work together but one system transfers data (integrated system) and the (interface system) the other reads the transferred data so the receiving module can

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