Essay On Health Care Delivery System

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Health care delivery systems differ as we go from one country to the next. These differences are observed by comparing the health care system in the US to other developed nations. These differences in health care delivery systems also mean that the implications will differ from one country to the next.
The majority of health care systems found in developed nations follow a centrally controlled health care system. In such a system the government has an essential role in organizing, and financing, health care system. This ensures that all citizens in these countries have ‘Universal Access ' to health care. Universal Access means that all persons have the ability to use all health services that are available to meet their needs. The care must be of satisfactory quality and must be affordable
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Social justice places stress on the health of the entire community over the individual. Therefore the inability to receive health care due to a lack of finances would be unfair. Distribution of health care in the US follows the principle of market justice. It is centered around the individual 's ability to pay. Market Justice is the preferred solution to solving any problems involving financing of health care. However, this has lead to inequalities in the distribution of health care services.
Each country has its own unique health system. Most developed countries have a centrally controlled health system, whereas the US follows a system that is heavily privatized. Each system has its own implications. Those countries where there is a central body governing health care finance costs were found to be lower, all citizens have access to universal health coverage and distribution of health resources was done so evenly. In the US, however, the privatized nature of the health care system has led to higher costs in financing health care,/ and unequal access to health care by

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