Health Self Assessment Essay

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Health Self Assessment

In order to improve one’s health and quality of life, it is important to be aware of an individual’s health status. Our textbook authors, Meeks, Hait & Paige (2009) describe the importance of self-appraisals and health behavior inventories in teaching students about their practices that will impact their health. In order to become an effective teacher who is enthusiastic about health education, the author of this paper focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding of her health.
After assessing my health through an internet tool available on the Council for Responsible Nutrition wellness campaign webpage, I have reached several conclusions and understanding of my current general health status. The health
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In September of 2008, I had an unexplained miscarriage after 10 weeks of pregnancy of what would have been our first child; it was a very challenging time emotionally and physically. Soon after, depression and anxiety hit me and I was in denial for a long period of time. Around June of 2009, we learned that my husband will be deploying for eight months which was later extended to eleven months. Deployment anticipation and the deployment itself have worsened my anxiety and depression and I started suffering from mild insomnia. My husband encouraged me to see a therapist who has been working with me since July of 2009. Receiving therapy has saved me and continues to teach me how to successfully manage my stress and anxiety. As for my lupus, I am still learning how to manage my pain and discomfort. In order to improve my overall health, a closer look at the different categories of the assessment is necessary.
Healthy People 2010 advises that creating “action plans to address one or more of [leading health] indicators can have a profound effect on increasing the quality of life and the years of healthy life and on eliminating health disparities—creating healthy people in healthy communities” (Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). The first indicator to discuss is my physical activity. Meeks, Heit & Page (2009) discuss the benefits of regular physical activities in chapter 9. Health goal #45 “I Will Participate in Regular Physical

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