Health Promotion Is A Healthy, Pleasant 63 Year Old Male Essay

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Health Promotion
Chao Li
University of Central Missouri

Health Promotion
BMS is a healthy, pleasant 63-year-old male, without any past history of surgeries or medical diagnoses. He is married, has two grown children, and operates his own business. BMS does verbalize some work stress but he states that he is handling the stress well. He has no medical complaints. Health promotion recommendations for his age group are as follows.
Current recommendations
Blood pressure check up every two years, according to U.S. preventive services task force guideline published in October of 2015, blood pressure screening should take place in adults who are 18 years or older. Treatment should be started only if diagnostic readings are elevated while taken outside of the clinical setting (U. S. Preventive Services Task Force, 2016).
Obesity screening, height, weight and body mass index should be checked at each office visit (Martin, 2016). Healthy diet and physical activity counseling to prevent cardiovascular risk factors should be done at each visit. U.S. preventive services task force guideline published in August, 2014 recommended for adults who are overweight to have intensive behavioral counseling to promote healthy diet and increase physical activity to decrease cardiovascular risk factors. BMS’s BMI is within normal range. Patients with BMI over 30 kg/m² should be referred for behavioral interventions (U. S. Preventive Services Task Force, 2016). Tobacco use, and safety practice…

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