Health Disadvantages For Abortion

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The fetus, just like a human, has all the functioning organs it needs to have to be considered a human and needs to have the right of life. "Blood, tissue, and tiny organs were pulled out of their environment into a filter" (Terzo 1). Based on the information acquired, abortion should be illegal because abortion is murder, Norma (Roe) lied in court to take part in the legalization of abortion, the fetus is a human and has the right to be born, there are health complications towards the mother and there are better alternatives than choosing abortion.
The woman carrying the fetus is committing murder to an individual human being. First, "When the fertilization occurs, the 23 chromosomes of the sperm unite with the 23 chromosomes of the ovum"
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For example, "Abortion increases a woman 's risk of developing breast, cervix, ovarian and liver cancer" ("Why Pro-Life" 11). Abortion is not safe for the women 's health and emotionally impairs her. Even so Why Pro Life states that only 39 women died a year before abortion was legalized countrywide (7). Neither the baby nor the woman deserve to die at all. Finally, TFP mentions that the medical procedure for abortion is unreliable in comparison to other medical procedures (2). Unsafe medical procedures are the cause of the risk women go through and some women even die, therefore abortion should be illegal. The danger the women go through is another reason why abortion should be …show more content…
Undoubtedly, if the mother-to-be reckons that she can not support the child, adoption is a better alternative. (Currie 44). Indeed, adoption is the best choice the mother can choose rather than having an abortion, since proving the health issues a woman can have. Adding to that, "Deputize church members to provide emotional support and part-time child care for women abandoned by their partners" (Currie 54). Going to a church that will give a mother-to-be emotional help and also by assisting in taking care of the baby is a great option to choose. Furthermore, "7% of the women 's parents want the abortion" (Currie 47). Parents need to show their kids the support a parent should give and not authorize their child to murder the fetus. There are solutions to everyone 's problem, but for a woman an abortion is not the foremost problem solver to not wanting a

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