Health Determinants And Risk Factors Essay

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Completing a Community Assessment
Health Determinants and Risk Factors The ten health determinants that I identified are as following: children are uninsured or underinsured, unemployment rate, only one clinic that offers a sliding scale flexible payment, high rate of teen suicide, teen smoking and alcohol are at a high rate, high levels of absenteeism from school, single parent house hold, five hours of watching television and social networking, the nearest grocery store is in a nearby suburb, and sports and extracurricular activities have low levels of participation within the schools.
Risk factors are traits of a person or community life practices or environment that may make it more likely that a person or community will develop a health problem for example high rate of suicide and employment. Protective factors are traits of a person or community that may help prevent or slow the process of developing a health problem for example a store being close to the bus stop, and starting a community garden plot.
How Health Determinants Affect the Health of the Community
Being uninsured or underinsured affects the health of the community by people not being able to receive preventive treatment, acute treatment or chronic care treatment for their health problems which without treatment will result in poor health outcomes for the community. Unemployment rates can affect the health of the community by affecting physical health, loss of medical coverage, increase stress, increase…

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