Hawaii And Hawaii : Hawaii Essay

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Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to travel to Hawaii for a relaxing vacation with my family. Finally, we planned to go to Hawaii right at the beginning of summer. I don’t know anyone who would decline the offer to go to Hawaii. Knowing that this would be a vacation that I might never experience again, I knew I had to make the best of anything that happened. What could possibly go wrong? Whenever I picture Hawaii, I just think of the beach, the pink and orange sunsets, and having absolutely nothing to worry about. That sounded like the perfect way for my summer to start. When we first left from the airport in Cincinnati, we went to Houston, Texas. That plane ride went well, but then we went from Texas to Los Angeles. From there, strange things started to happen. The trip to get there was long, but after three plane rides, and many obstacles on our way, we finally got there. When we first landed in Los Angeles, we knew we only had a 45 minute layover. However, we had to sit on the plane for an additional 30 minutes because there was no empty spot for our plane to go. I knew we had to make the flight from California to Hawaii, because it was the last one of the night. When we were finally able to get off of the airplane, everyone was pushing and shoving to get off the plane. My brother was first off, and the rest of us followed shortly after. When we got inside the airport, we did not see my brother anywhere. All I saw was people everywhere. We…

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