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1. If you were CEO of Harley- Davidson, how would you compare the advantages

and the dis advantages of using exports , joint ventures, and foreign

subsidiaries as ways of expanding international sales?

a. If I were the CEO of Harley- Davidson, I see only upsides from joint

ventures and foreign subsidiaries as types of insourcing. I say this due

to the fact that the countries like Germany and Japan each had a

helpful hand in the production of our motorcycles. That being said co

ownership by both the US and these other countries would be fine as

long as regulated and that main ownership remained stateside in the

US. The disadvantage I do see is the notion of a strategic alliance given

our company past
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If we tailor our Harley Davidson lifestyle to each

country I believe we will see far more marginal growth rather than

just trying to force our culture on the country. Although this will take

much time and research I feel that if we take our time while

transitioning into a new country they will be more accepting of our

brand and take hold of it as if it were their own versus it being an

foreign American concept.

3. If you were advising Harley’s CEO on business expansion in the Sub-Saharan

Africa, what would you recommend in term of setting up sales centers and

manufacturing sites in countries like South Africa, Kenya, and Zimbabwe?

When a new location is targeted, what would you suggest as the proper role

for locals to play? Should they run everything, or should there be an mix of

local and expatriates? And if the CEO ants to send expatriates from the United

States to some locations, what selection criteria would you recommend, and


a. If I were Harley Davidson’s advisor on setting up new locations in

Africa I would first research the areas that are most populated. Upon

that research I would see that just regular stores like the ones seen in

stores wouldn’t really work because in those areas people like to have

a relationship with their sales person so venues like he ones of bike

clubs I believe would be

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