Harley Davidson Essay

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Week 4 Individual Assignment: SWOT ANALYSIS
Bob Carter
10 December 2012
Ed Dempsey

SWOT Analysis
This type of analysis provides a summary of an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT is a planning report that only covers a specific time period but can be used in conjunction with other business documents to provide efficient and effective decision-making based on facts instead of intuition. The Strengths and Weaknesses sections of the analysis are those issues internal to the organization. Opportunities and Threats are issues that are external to the organization period (Nickels, McHugh, & McHugh, 2010).
I have chosen to conduct a SWOT analysis on Harley-Davidson, Inc. (Harley),
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Revenues are up but sales are down. Earnings per Share in FY 2012 have dropped from 0.744 in March to 0.588 in September (Financial, 2012).
Growing market demand. The global market for motorcycles decreased for a period from 2009 to 2010. The market began to experience resurgence in 2011 and is expected to continue through 2016. The global demand for motorcycles, including mopeds, is expected to increase 7.6% to 114 million units through 2013. The U.S. demand is expected to increase 3.6%, Eastern Europe is expecting a 6.5% jump, and Western Europe is looking at a 2.1% increase. The Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, and African/Middle East regions are expecting increases of 7.9%, 5.8% and 8.2% respectively for the same time period (Motorcycles Industry Profile, 2012). Growing market for Women. Women have been a largely untapped market segment for motorcycle sales. With a 55% increase in women as motorcycle owners from 2003 to 2011 (Motorcycles Industry Profile, 2012), Harley has recently recognized the emergence of women as potential motorcycle buyers. They have developed and built motorcycles designed especially with women in mind. Harley has also started a “Women of Harley” group that is similar to the company-owned Harley Owners Group (HOG). Company-sponsored events geared for women and Harley apparel designed by women for women are but two examples of the

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