Essay on Harley Davidson: Sil'K

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Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection

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The Criteria:
In order to select the provider of an enterprise –wide procurement and supplier management system the case study deals with two aspects: * Functional criteria and * Qualitative criteria
The implementation of the new systems, involves the heavy change, which must be understandable, compatible, and it has to adhere with the requirements of the company.
The SiL’K (Supplier Information Link) team consciously chose to focus on functional and qualitative criteria in parallel. So they came up with different decision criteria, three of them are: * Understanding the system requirements:
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In the future, the project may need some more additional values to the existing concept and needs a re-engineering program. So the developers need to support the existing project and later build the add-on. The existing project needs the periodical maintenance and periodical evaluation to check the vulnerabilities and performance of the current platform, so the team should always gear up for the unexpected issues.

The Decision Table: Provider/Criteria | Understanding the system requirements | Cost of the project or implementation | Implementation, training and futuristic support: | Provider1 | Appropriate Questions, Acknowledged Harley’s values, Precisely tailored written proposal“The written proposal from the Provider1 team was precisely tailored to the requirements documented in the RFQ, and clearly addressed each of the SiL’K issues” (Citation: p.10) | “ The package did not provide the ‘web-enablement’ directly but its team proposed to integrating a partner solution to achieve this” (Citation: p.11) | “Provide1 is aware of the change management issues, and the change management and training processes were an integral part of its implementation methodology”(Citation: p.11) | Provider2 | “The proposal documents submitted to the team were comprehensive and it achieved highest scoring on the quantitative functionality check list (98.7%).”(Citation: p.11) |

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