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Zoom is a small company consist of 5 students from International Undergraduate Program of Faculty of Economics and Business,Gadjah Mada University. Zoom starting its operation since Februari 2012. We are a small enterprise company that runs in snack industry, one of the main products that Zoom offers to public is Japanese “satay” named Torichan with a side dish “O Jelly Tea” made from many flavors of tea and have jelly topping on the top. Torichan is a japanese satay with the main ingredient beef, shrimp and chicken, it is offered with various kind of flavours as well such as original, BBQ, and that is aimed to reached unserved market for the japanese snack industry.
Torichan is planned to be marketed with direct
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Email : chantori@ymail.com

COMPANY SUMMARY Product Background
The history of "Yakitori" dates back to the "Edo" period (1603-1867). Where it was described in a book (written in 1643) as Birds meat stuck on a skewer, grilled and flavoured with soy-sauce and sake based under the influence of European missionary and traders the breeding of chicken was introduced and became luxury food and a main ingredient for Yakitori.
Yakitori consists of chicken, vegetables and seafood on bamboo skewers with salt and yakitori sauce, and requires very delicate control of charcoal heat and seasoning. It is served and eaten on the skewer so as to enjoy the aroma and flavour. The preparation of yakitori looks simple but customer satisfaction depends heavily on the charcoal. In Japan, Yakitori is one of the most popular foods which is enjoyed at least as much as "Sushi"or "Tempura".
Yakitori nowadays can also be served as snack or for lunch even dinner because it is glut relatively .

Company Summary
Zoom is a company that provides a japanese satay named torichan. We offer our product in 3 flavours which are original, BBQ, and Teriyaki. Other product that we serve is a drink named O-Jelly Tea using lemon, original, and blackcurrent flavors. Apart from direct-selling Torichan and O jelly Tea also can be bought in Ngangeni Seafood and also FEB canteen of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta

To become the best and the most unique Japanese satay

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