gun violence Essay

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Gun Violence

Over the last years gun control has become a very widely debated topic. The city, county and state lawmakers seem to be having different stands about the public having easy access to guns. Adam Small states, “After centuries of relative obscurity, the Second Amendment has become the center of an intense academic and legal battle during the last twenty years” (1213). The supporters of gun control and its opponents both claim to have the best interest of this country’s citizens .However, there are private citizens who believe that there should be laws to limit the number of people who own a gun. Even though the United States has enacted laws for regulating firearms, the recent shootings at Aurora movie theatre and Sandy
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Durston argues that we should not react to mass shootings with disbelief because the obvious reason for the high rate of gun deaths in the United States is simply the relatively easy access to guns.
Based on the statistics given by Dr. Durston, “Gunshot wounds are the second leading cause of death for children ages 10-19 in the United States, with only motor vehicle accidents taking a higher toll.” (“Sandy Hook”)It comes to show that the issue of gun violence is much more than just a debate weather one needs gun for self-defense or not, it is causing the death of a great number of innocent civilians in this country. You may think that this high rate is a result of being a developed country with an expanding popular culture that influences youth and young children, but the evidence shows otherwise. Fareed Zakaria explains that by comparing the gun homicide rates in the United States with countries such as Japan and England and Wales, it comes to show that even with youth being subjected to almost the identical popular culture, the gun homicide rates are significantly lower. “The Japanese are at the cutting edge of the world of video games. Yet their gun homicide rate is close to zero!” After giving this data he clarifies his stand on the issue of gun violence and mentions that easy access to guns can be the only possible cause for this dramatic difference in the rates of gun violence

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