Essay on Gun Control : The Laws, Policies, And Regulations

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Gun control, known as the laws, policies, and regulations regarding the usage and manufacturing of guns, in the modern world, seems to be one of the most vexed issues in society. Pertaining to gun control in America, this issue arises in the Second amendment, referred to colloquially as “the right to bear arms”. Many people believe that the right to have and use guns is ensured by the constitution, additionally claiming that the usage of guns is a mechanism for self-defense. Allowing access to guns in American also gives the opposite side an argument due to many mass shootings and other catastrophes relating to guns. While it is necessary to have some form of self-defense, guns exceptionally do more harm than good in today’s time. Most people recite that guns are our initial self-defense, but even so guns are so easily accessible, more importantly easily accessible to the deranged and individuals with criminal intent. St Petersburg times states that “Something on the order of 30,000 Americans are dying every year as a result of gunshots, and somehow or other, we 've been lulled into the idea that such terrible losses are acceptable” (St Petersburg). St Petersburg continues and says that if we were to ban guns altogether, then naturally guns will be less accessible (St Petersburg).This conveys the belief that if gun control laws that hinder the usage and manufacturing, then gun violence in return would dwindle. Additionally, in the same article St Petersburg states that…

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