Gun Control Or Problem? Essay

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Guns - Protection or Problem?

Do you own a gun? Do you know someone that owns a gun? In the United States, gun ownership creates political as well as social issues. Time and time again the same question always reemerges; are guns the reason for so much violence and criminal activity or are the guns protection from the violent and sometimes deadly criminal activity? Gun control laws in the United States continue to create a political firestorm with statistical data supporting arguments both for and against gun ownership; however, neither group possesses compelling evidence to sway the other side. To begin with new gun control movements are evident at the federal as well as the state level and have political backing on both sides of the argument. Gun control regulations have been blocked in Congress and federal election platforms have not been successful; therefore, the fight is being brought to the state level due to the success of ten states passing major gun control legislation. A gun control advocate John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown for Gun Safety, states “Whether it’s on guns or immigration or tax reform, clearly Washington is broken and you have to influence the federal government at the state.” In an effort to appease more voters, the advocates of gun control are changing their platform to gun safety and public health. The gun advocates are pushing for states to pass laws to expand background checks in an effort to keep guns out of the hands of…

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