Gun Control Of The United States Essays

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According to, “close to 33,000 Americans were victims of gun-related deaths in 2011 and an average of 268 citizens are shot every day”. Gun violence in the United States is increasing every year. Most of the time poor people or low class people are the victim of gun violence. In the United States, by the law, a license is required to have a gun, but law enforcement agencies are failing to do that. Some people are carrying guns without a license, and use them to commit crimes, such as robberies and killing innocent people. Most of the people argue that guns should be limited to only police officers and military, and citizens should not be allowed to carry guns. They believe that if guns are limited to law enforcement agencies then will decrease the death rate of innocent people. However, some people think that people should be allowed to carry or keep guns at home for self-defense. They argue that to eliminate guns from citizen will not help the police in reducing crimes. I believe that gun control law should be strictly enforced because some people may have anger issues as well as mental illnesses, some people purchase guns for safety, but guns should not be in a home especially, in a house with children, and lastly, it will lower the rates of homicides.
Anger and sickness are just some of the many reasons guns should not be in the market to buy. If someone has a gun and gets very upset, they may use it and regret it later. According to Harvard University,…

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