Essay on Gun Control Of The United States

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Gun Control Gun owners of America agree with an Eight-Six percent of police who say these outbreaks would not occur if the victims were trained and armed (Erich). Seventy-six percent of Republicans oppose a stricter gun law to the twenty five percent of Democrats that oppose a stricter gun law (Poll). Fourteen percent more men oppose gun restrictions while one percent more women opposed gun restrictions (Poll). Fifty-five percent of non-white Americans support tighter gun control, against forty-five (Poll). Nearly three weeks after the latest shooting claimed the lives of many (Poll). Fifty-two percent of Americans oppose a stricter gun law six more percentage points than forty–six percent want a stricter gun law (Poll). A lot of the crime rate percentages correlate to the populations there. The number one state in the United States is New Mexico when it comes to the crime rate. The death rate correlates to the crime rate. The more people, the more crime, the more crime, the more deaths. The thing about gun control is that it is not just about the major tragedies like Sandy Hook and Roseburg Oregon. There are more deaths in the total of robberies and just gang related activity in major cities.
Roughly seven in ten Americans believes it is important for most Americans to support proposed changes to gun laws before those charges are implemented (Poll). This would make many people feel safer in their own homes until they need a firearm. It has been proven that armed…

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