Gun Control Dilemma Of The United States Essay

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Gun Control Dilemma in the U.S.
The President of the United States cried after another mass shooting while he was addressing a speech last month. Americans did not see him crying for the first time, but it is still unusual for a president to cry. One of the most powerful people in the world, Obama, also criticizes the current legislation about the gun control; however, without Congress support, restricting the guns does not seem possible even for him. The gun control issue is controversial among the Americans because some people want to preserve their rights that originate from constitution, while others face brutal gun violence and lose their beloved children or other family members. The gun lobby argues that if guns are restricted for legal acquisition for ordinary people, criminals can get their guns anyway and they can easily kill innocent and defenseless people.
Debates concerning the gun control policy go on, as shootings continue to cause deaths especially in schools. A pediatrician asserts that we should frame gun violence as we treat other public health issues. Families need better educational programs for gun safety and storage. Especially, they should definitely learn storing the gun and the ammunition in different locked places. In order to prevent deaths, there are various laws related to cars, tobacco, working environment, toys and so forth (McCarthy, 2016). The gun control legislation should be organized because saving lives is more important than fighting…

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