Gun Control And Violent Crime

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Previous studies, which examine the effect of gun control laws have generally failed, with the exception of a few, to discover a statistically significant gun control effect on the violent crime rate. This present study is concurrent with inferences drawn from previous studies about their inability to discover statistically significant gun control effects. After conducting our analyses there was not a statistically significant effect, with the exception of one relationship, on predicting fire arm assaults, robberies or murders through varying gun control laws or sociological factors. Although we were able to find a statistically significant relationship in predicting fire arm robberies by the amount of individuals who obtain a
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As much of the research, and this study has indicated, gun control is clearly not as effective as many claim it to be. Gun control laws may be a very mild to a little deterrent, but as it has been indicated, future research should be more focused on other areas, such as socioeconomic factors as they had a more significant impact on gun related deaths than gun control laws did in certain studies. As demonstrated in this study, the only statistically significant effect on predicting fire arm robberies were by the amount of individuals who obtain a high school degree or higher, a sociological factor. Therefore, future research should focus on other solutions to combat violent crime rates instead of enforcing stricter gun control …show more content…
Although part of the discussion still requires further tests, the findings on comparing the policy effects of gun control laws on different gun related violence seem to be enlightening for future gun control studies. It is evident that the United States clearly has one of the highest gun related crime rates in the world. Gun control laws have been one of the most important, yet disputed about issue in public policy. Studies on this topic, however, are still baseless as there has yet to be universally accepted findings on the topic. Clearly, the only conclusive inference we can draw from the literature and study is that further research is clearly needed on the topic in order to produce more efficient policies to combat violent

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