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Guideline and Study Questions for the Third Examination December 3rd
History 1378
Fall Semester 2014
Professor T. Tillery

The final examination will consist of two parts, multiple-choice and essay questions. There will be 65 multiple choice questions worth one point each. The essay section will require students to write on ONE of the following questions, there will be NO choice. The essay will be worth 35 points.
Essay questions for the Third Examination:

1. Discuss the history between America and Japan that led to the attack on Pearl Harbor in l941.
2. The Civil Rights Movement (l945-1965) included a legal attack “and” a grassroots attack on racism and segregation. Discuss why both approaches were needed and give example of both
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10. Franklin Roosevelt’s new Democratic coalition
A. United Democrats in the South with the rising middle class of the far West.
B. United Democrats in the South with citizens in industrial cities.
C. United newer white-collar Democrats with southern “rednecks.”
D. Split the Republican alliance of the business class and “TR progressives.”

11. Which statement about the New Deal is true?
A. Because he grew up in poverty, President Roosevelt had a special sympathy for the suffering of poor people during the l930’s.
B. The New Deal agency that had the most direct and dramatic impact on women’s lives was the Civilian Conservation Corps.
C. Labor unions, taking advantage of New Deal legislation, secured impressive gains despite Roosevelt’s aloof attitude.
D. The New Deal legislation providing for old-age pensions and aid to the blind, handicapped, and dependent children was called “work relief.”

12. During her years as First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt
A. Was a passionate spokeswoman for the underdog and the disadvantaged?
B. Quietly directed her attention to private philanthropic charities.
C. Remained largely a supportive wife who managed White House social events.
D. Developed a campaign staff in preparation for a race for political office.

13. The New Deal’s first step to achieve recovery dealt with
A. Unemployment.
B. Public works.
C. Banking.
D. The trusts.

14. What New Deal agency put young, single men to work planting trees, building parks, and

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