Reflective Essay: The Guided Inquiry Model

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Teaching is a skill. It must be learned. However, when learning this skill people have different ways that work best for teaching this skill. For me, when teaching science I believe it is best taught thought guided inquiry. When teaching with the guided inquiry model, it allows students to investigate the teachers question while using their own designs and selected procedures.
Guided inquiry is a different way of thinking. Students in elementary school now are taught science a different way than when we were taught. Guided inquiry is a way to offer inquiry, planned, and guided instruction by a team of teachers and a school librarian allowing students to gain a deeper understanding of a subject area curriculum content and information
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Students were working on achieving mastery of the following standard: S5CS4. Students will use ideas of system, model, change, and scale in exploring scientific and technological matters. A. Observe and describe how parts influence one another in things with many parts. The students were working on practice 4: Analyzing and interpreting of data with the NGSS. The students loved learning science through this model. It gave them the chance to be in charge. The students were in groups and got to help the teacher solve the problem. The students were studying sinking and floating. The class was broken up into groups. Once the group did the experiment they came back together as a class to come up with a question. After agreeing on a question each group had to come up with a way to answer the question. Students enjoyed learning this way because they got to see several different ways to answer the one question. My teacher was there to facilitate and control the class but, it was up to the groups to discover different way of answering the question. The video shows a class completing a science lesson using guided inquiry. The teacher helps the class complete a lesson but in the end it is up to the students to solve the problem (see the Appendix A for the video of a class implementing guided

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