Reflective Essay On Becoming An Effective Writer

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Before I started GSW 1110, I was anxious and was not confident in my writing. I struggled with contractions and repetitiveness, causing me to doubt my ability to succeed in this course. But despite my worries, I was able to succeed throughout the semester, due to all of the skills I have learned and refined. Being an effective researcher and critical thinker are a few of the many skills this class has taught me. More technical skills like editing and mechanics were also demonstrated for me. This new knowledge has made me more confident in my writing and more hopeful for the future. Throughout GSW 1110 I have grown immensely as a writer and have acquired new skills, allowing me to move onto future college classes and career opportunities. …show more content…
In previous courses I always struggled with managing my time during the writing process. I would start rough drafting, hit a wall, and then ignore my writing until later. Overthinking was also a common issue for me, causing me to panic, which clouded my ability to view my writing clearly. Rough drafting is a huge step in the writing process and I struggled with it in the beginning of this course. For the earliest paper of the semester, I was unable to provide a complete draft for the rough draft day, but with the skills and tricks I learned in this class I was able to provide more complete drafts for future rough draft days. Having more complete drafts allowed for more peer and instructor reviews and more time for editing, all ultimately leading to a polished final draft. Grammarly and Paper Rater were great tools that eased my editing process by pointing out the weakest areas of my writing. All of these various resources allowed me to go more confident in my writing, which caused me to turn in more polished final copies, like my Justifying An Evaluation submission. GSW 1110 has given me a new outlook on the writing process, which I will carry with me throughout future college classes and my

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