Growing Up With Divorced Parents Essay

726 Words Nov 30th, 2015 3 Pages
Throughout my many years of schooling so far, writing has always been something that I have had a little trouble with. For this reason, being in this honors writing class my first semester of college made me a little nervous. Once I began the class and started on the first paper, I started to gain some confidence that I would do fine. Even though there were challenges in each paper I wrote, I also feel I made improvements through each paper. The first paper assigned was a narrative; it had to be about something that happened in my childhood that still has an impact on my life. For this paper, I honestly struggled at first with finding a topic. There was nothing that I could think of at first; I still don’t know why I struggled with this. Finally, I decided to write about growing up with divorced parents. Another challenge I had in this paper, was that I struggled with sentence fragments. Even though I struggled with them, I feel like it helped me know what I needed to look for and fix in the next paper. I also didn’t make the paper quite as long as it needed to be. Though my grade wasn’t that bad on it, I knew I had quite a bit to work on to improve my next paper. Moving on to the next paper, which was a descriptive paper about a place I went to get away from everything. This time I immediately knew I wanted to write about my county fair. Once again my paper was a little on the short side, but my number of sentence fragment errors decreased in this paper. I really believe…

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