Group Reflection Paper

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Register to read the introduction… It was about how one of the members of the group could have a one to one with a child of three years old on placement. We used tuckman’s theory of group communication. It took place on the 19th of November 2012 at 11:25.
When everyone in my group came together we discussed how one of the group members could have a one to one conversation with a toddler around the age of three. She did not think she could have a successful one to one however the rest of the group disagreed with her. We came to this conclusion because we thought that it was possible to have a one to one because some three year olds may reply with a more detailed description of a picture for example where as other three year olds may reply non-verbally such as pointing to a picture or saying yes, no or even
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I used good eye contact to everyone in the group and we all participated in the discussion. Also strength can be that one member of the group took charge in the group and managed the discussion correctly and positively to make sure everyone participated and added an opinion to the discussion and also make sure nobody was left out and felt upset about being push out of the group. Another strength would beeveryone fully listened to each other’s points accepted and understood what they was saying, even though they might not agree but accepting that some people’s opinions may be different. By having awareness of someone in the group who did not feel as comfortable discussing their opinions it was important to involve them as much as we could to make them feel comfortable into discussing their points with the rest of the group to we all communicated together. The topic of discussion was interesting and relevant to each other’s experiences as we all have to go on placement, this meant that our attitudes towards the topic was positive and there was a lot to discuss and talk about. Having interpersonal skills in the group was strength because each group member was involving one on another and building relationships between each other. This help the group communication as it was easier to discuss and open up about points on the topic with people you feel like you know and feel comfortable around therefore having interpersonal skills was very effective in our group

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