Group Decision Making Of The Air Force Essay example

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Group decision making techniques are commonly used in units in the Air Force. Group decision making can have its advantages, but when not structured properly, it can provide for confusion or be dysfunctional. Group decision making is a method of tackling an issue or problem in the workplace, and help turn the ideas generated into action plans. On average, groups make more accurate decisions than individuals (Sims, 2002). When making complex decisions that affect areas in our unit it is easier to gather members with experience in the work center. With more members involved, there is the possibility of considering the best alternatives to the problem and reach an overall consensus to the best solution. In the Air Force there are multiple meetings held involving group decision making. Some of our biggest group decisions are held at our monthly scheduling meeting.
At the monthly scheduling meeting we go over what is going to be expected from our unit over the next month. It covers a wide variety of topics and goes into detail everything from manning to scheduled activities to make the aircraft better and concludes with the amount of aircraft we will fly during the upcoming month. The meeting is held with supervisors from each of the respective the sections and overseen by our commander. The issues we encounter are involved with the rank structure. I feel all members involved do not get an equal opportunity for participation as the commander and the senior management intervene…

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