Argumentative Essay For Gymnastics

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Since I was nine years old I participated in competitive gymnastics leagues, in which I competed against other gymnasts and even my own teammates for the top scores. In every competition there can be anywhere from fifty to several hundred gymnast on multiple teams, but there can only be one top gymnast, or one winning team. In this way, the sport of gymnastics has a very clear large competition aspect however, there is a cooperation aspect that is more hidden. When we are not at competitions performing, we are in the gym working harder to get even better. A team that cooroporates with each other and the coaches is the most successful. In gymnastics, cooperation can look like working together during practice, listening to instructions from the coach, and supporting your teammates. In many ways, gymnastics is an …show more content…
One of the biggest benefits is that unlike competition, cooperation creates a win-win situation. Both parties are working towards the same cause and trying to help each other out. Going off of that same concept, when there are multiple people or businesses working together there are more ideas and talents shared to help solve an issue. That can help with efficiency and getting things done faster. Finally, everyone can learn and build off of each other’s ideas. This is significant because a good idea can be turned into an amazing idea. Contrarily, in many cases people may have to compromise to be able to reach a solution. Compromising can leave both groups less happy, because neither of them get completely what they wanted. Another issue, like all group work, is that you may have to work with people that you don’t work well with. Therefore, conflict can arise and start arguments. The final cost of cooperation is that people have to rely and trust each other, or else the system fails. This means that there must be equal participation and if one person doesn’t do their job it affects

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