Grease: Movie Analysis

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Adolescence a time figuring out who you are or your identity and a time of change from childhood to adulthood. The movie I will critique or review that relates to adolescent development is Grease. This movie shows adolescences at its best due to the way high schoolers try to fit into groups, raging hormones, and how adolescents find themselves. Grease shows how peers are important to adolescent development and how it shows one’s true colors.
Grease is the story of two high school seniors named Danny and Sandy who fall in love over the summer and have different lives at school. Sandy is a young naïve, transfer student from Australia and Danny is the leader of a greaser ganged called The T-birds. Danny depicted himself as a nice guy at the beach
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Danny is not wearing his black leather jacket, but a letterman’s sweater. Sandy shows up in all black attire, thanks to Frenchy, in order to win Danny over. Danny and Sandy end up getting together at the end. Rizzo on the other hand tells Kenickie she is not pregnant and the two get back together.
This film shows how adolescents learn to openly express who they are. Sometimes looking cool is more important than showing who you really are and this is what Danny is trying to do to with Sandy. However, with the two groups, the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies, adolescence is shown at its best with the interaction between the groups. This movie shows all motives toward adolescent development such has dating, teen sexuality, stereotypes, cliques, groups, experimenting different roles, and bullying.
Dating is shown with members of both groups and rival groups. Teen sexuality is shown with Rizzo and Kenickie having sex and Danny trying to grab Sandy’s chest. Stereotypes are shown throughout the movie due to the rival groups and different cliques. Bullying is also shown in this film due to each group bullying one another and other people. Different cliques and groups are shown with the T-birds, Pink Ladies, jocks, cheerleaders, and rival

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