Sister Assumpta

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This movie is the rare mix between animation and real action film. It is not a movie in which the animation and characters interact with each other, but there is a balance between both genres. It is a coming of age story and how the lives of teenagers can be affected by simple events in their ordinary life.In the Seventies, the fifteen years old troublemaker and leader altar boy Tim Sullivan and his three great friends, Francis Doyle, Wade Scalisi and Joey Anderson, study in a repressive Catholic school, and they hate their nun-teacher Sister Assumpta. Francis has a crush on Margie Flynn, who has a dramatic secret in her life. They like to write a comic book called 'The Atomic Trinity' and all of them have an alter-ego in their superheroes: Brakken (Francis), The Muscle/Skeleton Boy later (Tim), Captain Asskicker (Wade) and Major Screw (Joey), with Sorcerella (Margie) joining them later. Francis uses to fantasize reality with the fantasy situations the heroes face against the evil Nunzilla/Pegleg, a dark caricature of Sister Assumpta. The group plots an evil prank against Sister Assumpta, with tragic consequences.

Every coming of age movie has its on characteristic being the primordial theme of this movie an event that alter the perspective of the adolescents involve in the movie. The particular
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He is the one that gets together his group of friends as a unit. He sometimes could be considered the leader, but at times lack the imagination and synergy of a leader of motivated others. Still on the main role Hirsch does an interesting representation of the different problems at this time period in which society in the USA and around the world was changing. There were more influences present at this time. Some of them provided by television as a scapegoat for ordinary problems. First love and the complications that are involved with it are explored in the film and Hirsch does a great job with this part of the

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