Interpersonal Communication In The Breakfast Club

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John Hughes wrote and directed the cult-like movie which is set in the 1980s called the Breakfast Club. The movie is about high school students that all do something wrong during school and end up in a day-long Saturday detention with an extremely strict principal that has them work towards a single goal. Throughout the movie the interaction among the different characters is very interesting and eye opening about how people can learn to get along and to communicate,
The diversity of the group, variations between and among people, is easy to recognize as it consists of Claire who is the popular school princess, Andrew the big school jock, John Bender the bad boy, Brian the brainiac, and Allison the school outcast and basket case. The group seems to be in culture shock, the psychological discomfort of adjusting to a new cultural situation, at the start of the day since the five students are pretty much strangers to each other. They seem to have nothing in common with each other and are all feel they know their place in the high school hierarchy. Two of the cCharacter’s John and Claire, are from different social classes, level in the power hierarchy of a society whose membership is based on income, education, occupation and social habits, and there are many memorable
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It shows how these high school students attempt to communicate with each other despite their faulty attributions, inaccurate reasons people give for their own and others behavior. As the movie plays on, the 5 students bond together against the principal and realize that they have more in common than they really think. Throughout the movie various interpersonal communication skills are used between all the teens and as the day progresses and they are forced to spend time together, they learn how to have a supportive interaction, conversation or series of conversations in which support is

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