The Outsiders Characters

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The main idea in this story is to represent all the different gangs and people there were. In this story, The Outsiders, there are 7 boys in the Greasers gang. From youngest to oldest there is Ponyboy, Johnny, Sodapop, Steve, Dally, Two-Bit and Darry. From the book it states “That was the difference between his gang and ours- they had a leader and were organized; we were just buddies who stuck together-each man was their own leader.” This states how each person can achieve and do great things. Although each gang members love each other, they all have different character traits and are different people.

Ponyboy is a 14 year old that lives with Darry and Sodapop. He is an intelligent young boy but he does not use his head.
When Johnny and Ponyboy
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From the book it states “I killed him,” he said slowly. “I killed that boy” Bob,the handsome Socs, was lying there in the moonlight ,doubled up and still.”
This also causes Ponyboy and Johnny to run away.
This changes Johnny and Ponyboys because they are now becoming adults, but this also is what causes the tragic event of the burning church and johnny dying.
This also changes ponyboy because he has a loss of innocence. Darry tries to protect ponyboy as much as he can but ponyboy is involved in all of the major things in the story.

Johnny is a 16 year old boy living with abusive dad and his mother who did not care about him. He is still in school but he does not get good
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A piece of timber caught him across the back--- he might have a broken back, and he was burned pretty severely. He passed out before he got out the window. They're giving him plasma now”.
Jhonny changes by not only murdering someone but he also changes by how he saves all the kids (with ponyboy).

Dally, the 17 year old, had been in New York gangs before becoming a gang member in the greasers. Dallas winston has a fuzz record of shoplifting, jumping small kids and rolling drunks. He has even been arrested at the age of 10.
The event I chose is when he is shot by the fuzz. He told Ponyboy and Johnny “ Don't worry," Dally went on, "It ain't loaded. I ain't aimin' to get picked up for murder. But it sure does help a bluff”. Dally is referring to his heater(gun). He started carrying around one but it was not loaded.
The cause of Dally getting shot was he first robbed a grocery store and pulls out the heater in a parking lot.
The effect of this is Dally gets shot.
After this Ponyboy passes out from exhaustion and a concussion
Dally changes by caring more about for those around

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