Johnny Cade And The Outsiders Comparison

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S.E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders and introduced many unique characters. Each individual had their own situation, problems, and struggles which shaped them into the people they were. Two members of the gang, Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade, are different from what they seemed in the first half of the book. Dally was known as a hardened thug, but deep down, he cared about others. Johnny Cade was a boy who seemed meek, but was actually one of the strongest characters mentioned in the story. Their intertwined fate led to both of them dead on the same night, because of two different reasons.

To start off, one of the struggles the two characters had was their negative impression of their parents and a childhood of suffering. Specifically, Dallas Winston had a lack of parental guidance. In
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Dally received help from the gang whenever he asked. For example, when he robbed a grocery store, he called the gang and they ungrudgingly agreed to help hide him for the time being. To reciprocate the favors, whenever the gang needs him, Dally would help him to the best of his ability. Even though he liked the gang, the only one he really loved was Johnny, who Dally thought was very innocent. Johnny, on the other hand, was the gang's pet and "everyone's kid brother." The gang was always there for Johnny whenever he was in trouble. If he didn't meet the gang, he wouldn't ever understand what love and affection were, as he had an uncaring family. He especially idolized Dally because in his eyes, Dally appeared to be a hero. His emotional scar never healed, though. When a group of Socials was drowning Pony, Johnny killed a Social on reflex and the rest of the group ran away, scared. During this time, Johnny and Pony didn't know where to go to, so they went to Dally. Dally provided them with a gun, some money, and information about a safe hideout. Dally would never hesitate to help his

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