Graduation Speech : Thou Shalt Attend Essay

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Thou Shalt Attend In high school it was quite apparent that students could receive many absences with little or no consequences and still be able to maintain a good grade point average. However, in college that is not the case. Student attendance in college is important because students who attend class have better grades, have better relationships with their peers as well as professors and develop responsible habits and behaviors. Students who attend class often receive better grades on tests for they are present the day the material was taught. A student is also more likely to be on their professor’s good side if they are able to show respect for attending their class. It is a proven fact that those who attend school have better grades opposed to those who do not. Those who do not attend class cannot ask the teacher a question they may have about an upcoming assignment. They may be able to send their teacher an email but a response is not always guaranteed. For example, if a student needs help with an assignment but doesn’t attend class, they then cannot receive the help they need nor practice the material. This can result in the student just turning in an incorrect assignment, thus getting a bad grade. If a student is present for class they are more likely to earn participation points, rather it be an in class assignment, a pop quiz, a group project or simply just raising their hand to answer a question. If one misses class regularly they may miss out on the…

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