Graduation Speech : The College Essay

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One of the toughest decisions of my life was deciding which college to attend because I had to leave my friends, family, and some of my belongings back home. When I was thinking about which college I wanted to attend, I was stuck between three choices: Missouri State University, University of Central Missouri, and Missouri Western State University. I knew whatever my decision was that it would have an impact on me immediately and for the rest of my life. I decided Missouri Western was the right college for me because I liked it more than the other two colleges I visited, this college offered the major I wanted to pursue, and the smaller campus size. The first college I thought about attending was MSU in Springfield. While I was on my tour, I was pretty certain that this was the college for me because I had always wanted to go there. I liked many things about this college and already knew some people that went there. One of the major reasons why I chose not to attend MSU was I did not like the student-to-teacher ratio and the large campus size. I wanted to go to a college where the teacher would know my name and just not be a nobody. The cost of attending this college was also another reason why I decided not to attend MSU. Even though MSU was the closest to my house I decided this was not the college for me. Next, the second college I had in mind was UCM in Warrensburg. This college was the second closest to my house, but I liked MSU more than UCM. I knew some people…

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