Graduation Speech : Teacher And Teacher Essay

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The students were passing in the fluency sprint when I entered the class. Students were asked to take out the place value chart and a marker.

Teacher passed out a Kleenex to erase. (Students talked while this transition was taking place.) Teacher reminded students that the voice level in class should be 0. Students continued to talk.

Dexter and Brandon were called from class. They missed the introduction and practice for the skill taught today. (I do, We do)

Teacher moved to the anticipatory set part of the lesson where she stated what they had done the previous day connecting it to the day’s lesson.

The teacher then wrote a problem on the board and called on a student to answer. Some other students began to talk. Teacher said, “You don’t have to talk out. You need to raise your hand”. The student who was called upon answered correctly. Mrs. Ryan asked the class to give him a round of “Olays”. 

Teacher stated students were having trouble listening and stopped the class.

Teacher handed out signs to use with a partner. (< , >, =) Students talked while teacher was passing out signs. (Transitions need to be quick and quiet. Pre-dividing the items that need to be passed out and having student helpers assigned to give them out saves time. The teacher and students also need to follow class rules for talking during transitions.)

Teacher explained how the groups would work together using the place value chart and the signs to solve problems. Some students did not…

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