Graduation Speech : Prairie State College For Her Freshman Year

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Natalie attended school in Chicago Heights Illinois, at
Prairie State College for her freshman year in 1987. It is a community college. My mom had a way different experience to college than I did because of the school she attended, and the culture at the time.
Natalie Kistner, my mother, attended to Prairie State college for two years, and later graduated from Governors State
University with a degree in teaching. She loved school especially because it was close to home because it was a community college. She also worked at Chicago Health club in
Matteson, Illinois at the time. The first weeks she can remember being really nervous that she was going to miss a class or walk into the wrong room. She said that one of the rules she remembers most in her time was smoking. It was allowed inside and outside the buildings. Natalie is currently a preschool teacher. Her favorite professor was Mr. Lucky. He was her sociology teacher and he was funny and everyone thought he was cute. In her free time she remembers that her and her friends would go get drinks and hangout at eachother houses. She met a lot of good friends in college and she still keeps in touch with a few people from her class. She took general education classes and chinese literature, even though it had nothing to do with her major. She still has no idea why she even took that class, but she said it was not too hard. She remembers doing so many papers and spent most of her time researching in books in the library.

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