Graduation Speech - Original Writing Essay

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First thing I hear in the morning is my mom yelling "Aracely lla levantate floja [wake up lazy] and hurry up if you want to eat breakfast". Yeah I have Mexican parents but I was born here in the U.S. I find it funny when they speak Spanish and English in the same sentence.

"Okay ma" I yell back. I check my phone for the time its 7:05 "shiz" I jump out of bed literally but I fall on my butt because the blankets were wrapped around my legs. "ow" Well at least I 'm not the only one that has this happen to them right?

Ugh great I 'm running late, no surprise there. The bus is going to be here in 20 minutes I still got some time I need to hurry if I don 't want to miss the it.

Good thing I took a shower the night before. I get to my bathroom and do my morning routine blah blah blah haha. What I wish was that my hair had some type of texture like it 's not straight nor curly or wavy it 's just normal if that makes sense. I put on a Gray t-shirt that has lace trim on the bottom and sleeves along with dark wash skinny jeans and my vans.

I check the time and its 7:20 so I get out of the house with my stuff and run to the bus stop. On my way out I yell out "Bye mom" just so that she know 's I didn 't fall asleep again. Good thing I don 't take like an hour to get ready or else I wouldv 'e had to catch a ride or something.

Once I get to school I go to my locker which is at the right wing of the school. I get there and am greeted by Chloe my bestfriend since 1st grade. "Hey…

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