Graduation Speech On Entering Intermediate Composition Essay

1440 Words Jan 25th, 2016 6 Pages
Introduction Before entering Intermediate Composition, I was not as much of an exquisite writer as I am now that I have finished the course. I have written a substantial amount before this class, but it was all required for classes or applications, never anything I chose to write on my own for fun. Most of the papers that I have previously written were based on a story, research, or a personal experience I have had. Personally, writing is not my strong suit, and it is not my number one choice of things to do in my free time. It is something I complete when required, but I do not usually write for my personal enjoyment. Prior to Intermediate Composition, I took English 9 freshman year, and American Literature sophomore year. Even before that, I took basic required English/literature classes throughout elementary and middle school. I ended up taking Intermediate Composition because it was a required class in order to graduate. Coming in, I was a decent writer. I would get good grades on papers, but it was still hard for me to write a quality piece of work right off the bat. It would take me a lot of time, thought, and editing in order for me to do well on papers. When given a prompt on a standardized test, that is when it is difficult for me to do well because there are rarely any guidelines to follow, no preparation, and you are in an utter time crunch. Specifically, one part of my writing that was a weakness at the beginning of the class had to be…

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