Graduation Speech : Ninth Grade Essay

771 Words Aug 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Ninth grade can be very confusing and stressful. You may feel like you are officially grown because you have more freedom than you did in junior high or elementary. It is pretty understandable because almost everyone feels that way at first. Once the rules and due dates hit, you will be ready to go back to junior high. Getting to class on time, not worrying over losing friends, and not trying to fit in should be important in starting off your year.
My first piece of advice would be get to class on time. I remember that being one of my biggest downfalls my ninth grade year. School had just started, and i barely saw my friends over the summer time. When we saw each other, we were overly excited. We laughed, talked, hugged, and caught up on everything we missed. Well , by that time the pre-tardy bell rang and we all scattered separate ways. Their classes were downstairs and mine were upstairs. I was in a rush but then again i was not. As soon as i got upstairs and almost to class, the tardy bell rung. My ninth grade year was strict on tardies. If you had 3 starting that first week, you would either end up in in school detention or after school for 30 minutes. I got to class and my teacher had already decided that she wanted me to serve after school. I thought i would quickly serve it and leave without my mama finding but boy was i wrong. She called her before the day was out, and by the time after school was over, she was outside waiting on me. I got in so much trouble, so from…

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